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A presentation pen is an effective presentation support tool. With the advantages of ease of use and the ability to highlight presentation content, this device helps you create professional presentations and attract the audience's attention. If you are looking for a way to improve the effectiveness of your presentation, a presentation pen is a useful method for you.


Presentation pen, slide changer pen or presentation laser pen is a wireless smart handheld device used for presenting on the screen without having to operate directly on the computer. This pen is often capable of projecting a laser or LED light to assist the user in pointing at the remote screen more conveniently.

Logitech Presentation Laser Pointer ​
Presentation Laser Pointer


- The presentation pen has a compact design, light weight with a pen length of 7cm, easy to hold, convenient storage without taking up space or being bulky.

- The presentation pen is composed of two main parts: the projection pen and a USB that connects to the computer signal.

- On the body of the pen there are 3 function keys including 1 laser light key (red) and 2 up and down keys (Page Up, Page Down) used to turn pages on Powerpoint. The back of the pen is a battery tray with a convenient cover, users can use both rechargeable batteries and regular batteries. The presentation pen has an operating range within a radius of 15 - 20m, you can move around the room to adjust slides and present extremely conveniently.

Presentation Laser Pointer
Presentation Laser Pointer

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Using a presentation pen brings many benefits to presenters, lecturers, and those who often have to present information. Here are some key benefits of using a presentation pen:

- Control Presentation Content: The presentation laser pen allows users to navigate and control presentation content as well as easily switch between pages or sections in the presentation naturally.

- Highlight Important Points: The presentation pen helps you highlight important points in your presentation. The laser or LED light of the presentation pen will help focus the audience on the core points of the presentation.

Presentation Laser Pointer
Presentation Laser Pointer

- Flexibility: The presentation pen supports users with remote control conveniently, with a range of up to 15 - 20m. This helps speakers interact directly with the audience without hindering the speaking process.

- Increase Presentation Efficiency: Using a presentation pen helps lecturers and speakers increase efficiency in conveying information. You can focus on communicating instead of managing presentation media.

- Create Professionalism: Presentation pen creates professionalism and creativity for your presentation. It makes the presentation coherent and attracts the audience's attention.

Presentation Laser Pointer
Presentation Laser Pointer


How to use a presentation pen includes extremely simple steps:

- Step 1: Connect the presentation pen to the computer by plugging the USB end into the laptop or computer.

- Step 2: Turn on the presentation pen. The pen is successfully connected when the red LED lights up and the USB end receives a signal, meaning the connection has been established.

- Step 3: Use the operation buttons on the camera body such as moving the slide forward or backward, zooming in on the content and using a laser to indicate the position of the content on the presentation board. Additionally, you can press the up or down button on the pen to easily move the presentation slide displayed on the projection screen.

Instructions for Using​ Presentation Laser Pointer​
Instructions for Using​ Presentation Laser Pointer​


1. Support features

Depending on the product, the usage range of the presentation pen ranges from 15 - 20m or even up to 200m. In addition, the function on the pen can be equipped with the function of moving slides, enlarging content, laser projection and effective waterproofing.

2. Connectivity

Most presentation pens have a built-in USB port to help users easily connect to other peripheral devices such as laptops, desktop computers, etc.

3. Scope of use

Depending on the space of the room when presenting, you can choose a presentation pen with different usage ranges such as:

  • With a room area under 30m2: you should choose a pen with a range of 15 - 20m.
  • With a large room area of ​​over 30m2: Pen usage range can be up to 200m.
Presentation Laser Pointer
Presentation Laser Pointer

4. Power source used

Presentation pens mostly use disposable batteries or rechargeable batteries. You can even charge the battery via USB port depending on the product and is equipped with a battery power indicator light for easy use.

5. Style and design

In general, presentation pens have a compact design with a pen or oval shape, making it easy for users to hold and conveniently put in pants or shirt pockets. In addition, the pen shell is made of durable ABS plastic, which is anti-slip for users to hold.

Presentation Laser Pen
Presentation Laser Pen


1. Logitech

This is a famous Swiss brand and possesses many outstanding advantages such as:

  • The pen shell material is durable ABS plastic, good strength and shock resistance.
  • Modern, sophisticated design.
  • Connects quickly, signal is stable and supports operating range of up to 15m.
  • Good quality, high durability.
  • Product prices vary from low to high, making it easy for users to choose.
Logitech Presentation Laser Pointer
Logitech Presentation Laser Pointer

2. Vesine

Vesine is one of the most popular presentation pens on the market, most of the products are made in China and possess many outstanding features as follows:

  • Compact size, simple design but shows sophistication.
  • Signal transmission is stable with a range of up to 15m.
  • Fully equipped with basic functions.
  • Durable shell material, good durability.
  • No need to install drivers, compatible with many operating systems.
  • Low price.
Presentation Laser Pointer
Presentation Laser Pointer

3. Newmen

Newmen is a very popular brand of presentation pens on the market, priced higher than Vesine and has many outstanding features such as:

  • High quality, durable plastic material with modern design, creating comfort and certainty for users when holding the product in their hands.
  • Compatible with many operating systems, no need to install drivers.
  • Control range up to 20m for projector, supports laser light projection up to 200m.
Newmen Presentation Laser Pointer ​
Newmen Presentation Laser Pointer ​


HSV Media is a unit specializing in renting and providing presentation support equipment such as presentation laser pens or Perfect CUE sets. With low prices, innovation support and warranty, customers can completely rest assured when buying or renting products at our company. In addition, HSV Media is also a reputable provider of event equipment rental services in Ho Chi Minh City and provinces such as Long An, Can Tho, Tay Ninh, Dong Nai, Vung Tau, Binh Duong, Binh Phuoc,…

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